Incorporation :-
  • Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited was incorporated on 6.04.1978 under the Companies Act 1956.
Vision :-
  • Excellence in Work,
  • Complete Customers’ Satisfaction
Mission :-
  • Our mission is continuous search for new and more granite deposits and Industrial minerals.
  • Adoption of scientific methods of eco-friendly mining.
  • Sustainable recovery of maximum useful granite and other minerals.
  • Processing and supply of granites and minerals to industrys’ specification.
  • Export of granites and minerals, earning foreign exchange for the state and the country.
  • Providing gainful employment to people in rural and backward areas by the development of quarries and mines and offering opportunities to qualified technicians in the manufacture of good quality products.
  • Continuous updation of technology of mining, quality control measures and mineral processing and marketing.
Details Of Business Transacted :-

The main business activities of TAMIN are to exploit minerals, process them to certain specifications for ready use and market them by export as well as by local sales.

  • TAMIN has been on scientific basis exploiting granites and other industrial minerals like Graphite, Limestone, Vermiculite, Silica Sand and Quartz & Feldspar.
  • TAMIN has set up mineral processing industries pertaining to granite for production of granite slabs, tiles, monuments and furniture items.
  • In respect of Graphite, the fixed carbon in the ore is upgraded upto 96% for ready use in refractory industries, crucible industries, pencil and paint industries and expandable graphite industries.
  • As regards Silica Sand, TAMIN process the raw silica sand into three different size fractions and clean them from any extraneous material for ready use to prepare test concrete cubes to determine the quality of cement after subjecting the cubes to compressive strength analysis.
  • The vermiculite is exfoliated for ready use as insulation material and to raise nursery and other horticultural purposes. The exfoliated vermiculite can also be used as concrete aggregate for applications in building roof etc.
  • TAMIN also exports granites as dimensional stones in raw and finished form to various countries.
  • TAMIN supplies Limestone, Quartz & Feldspar to the user industries especially industries of Cement, Ceramics etc.
Details Of Customers :-
  • TAMIN exports granite in the raw form to various countries in USA, Europe, South East Asia and West Asian Countries. Customers are essentially from Italy, USA, Japan and China.
  • TAMIN also exports finished granites to USA and Germany.
  • TAMIN also has domestic customers who take raw blocks to process in their industries as slabs, monuments and tiles for export as well as sale in the local market. The public are also buying granite furnitures directly from TAMIN.
  • The Customers are essentially the manufacturers of refractory bricks, crucibles, pencil, lubricants and expandable graphite.
      Silica Sand :-
  • All the Cement Industries in India are procuring the standard sand as approved by Bureau of Indian Standards to test the quality of the cement produced in each batch in their factories by preparing standard concrete cubes using standard sand of TAMIN and testing them for their compressive strength.
  • The important customers of Vermiculite are Department of Forest, Horticulturists and Civil Engineering Consultants.
    Quartz & Feldspar:-
  • The prime customers are the manufacturers of Ceramic wares, Electrical insulation wares, High Purity Quartz Power and exporters.
  • The manufacturers of Cement
Services Extended To The Customers :-
  • The Customers will be provided with specifications of industrial minerals marketed by TAMIN and also about the varieties of granites exploited and processed for export and domestic areas.
  • TAMIN also provides price structure with details of duties, sales tax, packing & forwarding and transport charges to them.
Grievances Redress Mechanism :-
  • The Customers can directly address to the TAMIN Head Office as to their requirement of industrial minerals, the price and other details.
  • They may also elicit information as to the various properties of these minerals and granites so that best utilisation of them can be achieved by them
  • For prompt supply of materials, they may write to TAMIN Head Office as to know the procedures like – Placement of orders, Payment, Taking Delivery etc. At Head Office, TAMIN has a Marketing Section which will redress the grievances as well as clarify various points of the customers.
  • For any grievance relating to purchase of granite, industrial minerals etc. General Manager, TAMIN at Head Office may be contacted in person with necessary particulars for redressal within three weeks time of the receipt of complaint.
  • For any grievance relating to supply or administrative matters, Administrative Officer, TAMIN at Head Office may be contacted in person with necessary particulars for redressal within three weeks of the receipt of the complaint.
  • The Customers expect good quality material at reasonable price. They want the material to be supplied promptly. They expect that the procedures for purchase of minerals and granites must be simple and it should be completed without hassle. The Customers would like to make repeat purchase from TAMIN for which they expect some discount and price concession