Technical Details

(Comparative Study of Indian Standard Sand, Ennore with Leighton Buzzard and Ottawa Sand)

Sl.No Properties Ennore Sand Leighton Buzzard Sand Ottawa Sand
1 Physical Properties:
Colour Grayish White Light Gray Colouriess
Specific gravity 2.64 2.65 2.63
Absorption in 24 hours 0.80% 0.30% -
Shape of grains Subangular Subround Round
2 Chemical Properties:
SiO2 99.30% 99.58% 97.40%
Al2O3 - 0.27% Traces
Fe2 O3 0.10% 0.30% Traces
CaO - 0.22% Traces
Fe2 O3 0.10% 0.30% Traces
CaO - 0.22% Traces
Loss on extraction with hot HCI 0.11% 0.13% 0.24%
Loss on Ignition - 0.13% 0.24%
3 Pertrographic analysis:
Quartz 97.40% Nearly 100% Nearly 100%
Feldspar 2.50% Traces -
4 Compressive Strength:
3 days curing 160 Kg./Sq.Cm 105 Kg./Sq.Cm 112 Kg./Sq.Cm
7 days curing 220 Kg./Sq.Cm 131 Kg./Sq.Cm 125 Kg./Sq.Cm

Indian Standard Sand

(Price at ex-factory, Ennore with effect from 01/06/2016)

Size Specification and Grade Rate per M.T. of Indian Standard Sand
Cost of the Material Packing Charges Total
In Indian Rupees
2mm to 1mm - Grade-I 22,000/- 4,000/- 26,000/-
1mm to 0.5 mm - Grade-II 22,000/- 4,000/- 26,000/-
0.5mm to 0.09 mm - Grade-III 22,000/- 4,000/- 26,000/-

Plus applicable taxes will be charged from time to time (At present TNVAT & CST @ 5%)

Terms and Conditions

1.Payment: 100% advance payment by demand draft RTGS or NEFT drawn in favour of "TAMIL NADU MINERALS LIMITED,Chennai 600005", payable at Chennai along with purchase order. The Commission for demand draft has to be borne by the buyer. Cheque/Document through Bank will not be accepted.





A/C NO: 10031641671


MICR NO:600002036

Kindly inform your remittance through RTGS immediately to us on E.mail on the same day itself so as to contact our Bankers.

2.Supply: Ready stock Ex-Factory at Ennore. Transport has to be arranged by the buyers.Otherwise on the parties request,the material will be dispatched through any reliable lorry transport under freight 'TO PAY' basis from our factory at:


Indian Standard Sand Unit,

16,Kathivakkam High Road,

Ennore,Chennai 600057.

3.Sales Tax: Extra.At present,the rate of tax TNVAT/CST is @5%. If form C furnished along with Purchase order,the rate of CST is at 2% for supply outside TAMIL NADU State.

4.Quantity of Indian Standard sand packed : 25kgs in Jute Canvas bag.

5.The rates are subject to revision without prior notice.